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 what my company provides.

• Blending a single song or multiple songs into one seamless dance track

• Adding sound FX, vocal embellishments or instrumental tracks

• Extending or shortening music tracks

• Speed up or slow down songs

• Change the key of a song

• Techniques to brighten up tracks

• Create original rhythmic/music
• Collaborate to design an emotional connection to your routine. 

• Edits usually completed within 12 to 24 hours**
• MP3, Wave or AIFF format delivery available. 

PayPal or Venmo online payments make it easy and convenient. Once payment clears, the completed project is sent via email. 

• Editing a "single" song: $30 flat fee (per song). This includes all the edits within the one song. 

• Editing multiple songs that are more complex: $50 flat fee for the first 2 hours of editing. Depending on the complexity of the project, $30 for each additional hour spent on the project is added. 

Everything is coordinated and transferred through the Internet and Consultations are always FREE. 

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