60 Min Skype Online Posing
  • 60 Min Skype Online Posing

    What are Online Posing / Consultation Appointments Sessions?

    When & what are they good for?


    • Clients that live to far away & would like to work with me peronaly
    • Clients that find it easier & more convenient because of hectic schedules & want to continue improving & working on their technique
    • If distance & time is an issue & you require additional practice help & rehearsal time for your Posing or Choreographed Routine
    • Clients that need to reschedule their "traditional appointment" This makes for a great alternative until my clients can see me one on one again (There's no extra fee for existing in person clients rescheduling using online appointments as a replacement)
    • Clients are also able to get that one on one time & ask Questions!!! etc...