Custom Choreographed Posing Routine
  • Custom Choreographed Posing Routine

    We offer Custom Choreographed Posing Routines  for Men & Woman Bodybuilding / Women's Physique & ( Womans's Figure T-Walk Routines!! )

    A 60 Second Choreographed Routine with your choice of music is $260.00  It includes three 60 Min Private Studio Practice Sessions & one 60 Min Online Skype Session to give you that one on one time with me to rehearse your routine. 


    At first, You would need to let me know your music so that I can get familiar with your music. I then Choreograph your routine & provide you an instructed video recording of your routine for you to learn & practice from. We then schedule our first rehearsal time together once you learne & famliarize yourself with the choreographed routine. After that we have 2 more in person Rehearsal & one 60 Min Online Skype Session that we can then schedule & use to clean & polish your routine. I require videos sent to me weekly in between our scheduled rehearsal times, so that I can see you performing your routine & critique you doing your routine. learning your choreography & feeling comfortable with your routine is important to me!