Collaborated Posing Routine
  • Collaborated Posing Routine

    "Already Have A Posing Routine" but you need help & direction!!


    • If you already have a Ruff Draft  or an Existing Posing Routine & you need some changes / direction / cleaning up & or collaboration help to make the routine better & more your style. It's $175.00 for two 1 hour private practice & two 30 minute Skype calls sessions. I would need a video of you performing your routine sent to me so that I can see your routine & how you move your body. We then can discuss what your looking for & how I can help, & from their we can schedule rehearsal times & together create a posing routine you can feel good about. Don't worry I can help!!

    •  I require videos sent to me weekly in between our scheduled rehearsals times, so that I can see you performing your routine & critique you doing your routine. learning your choreography & feeling comfortable with your routine is important to me