30 / 30 Posing Rehearsals
  • 30 / 30 Posing Rehearsals

    Posing Rehearsal Sessions are scheduled at a private dance studios that I use &  book by appointment. Once appointments are scheduled & booked, all Payments are final & made prior your posing sessions. Please let me know ahead If you need rescheduling!


    30 / 30 Posing Posing Rehearsal is 60 minutes long in a private Studio. With Private Posing Rehearsals  we will spend the firt 30 minutes working on your Quarter Turns & the remaining 30 minutes on your Routine. It's meant for someone that is already comfortable with their Posing & Routine, but need that constent rehearsal time to make sure that everything is looking good for show day

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      Once appointments are scheduled, arranged & booked all Payments are final & made prior to your first posing sessions. Please let me know ahead If you need rescheduling!