• Group of 4 Female Posing Session ($35 pp)

    "Make sure your posing is on point"

    ​Posing is the second most important component after training & dieting when competing onstage!!!! 

    During your Group Posing Sessions, we will work on

    • Quarter Turns 
    • Foot work

    • positioning of your feet

    • Walking in Heals

    • Arm Positioning

    • Posing Style

    • Body Alignment & Basic T- walking & Presentation


    All of this is worked on so that your posing & stage presentation is what it should be on your show date. My sessions are in a group, but have personal & one on one . Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Group Posing Sessions 1 hour long, in a private Studio. Group Posing Session are great, because you are able to pose with other people & it will make you familer with how it will be obatsge. The Group session allows for you to be taught the proper posing techniques for your show date & It allows within the class to find the perfect posing positions for your personal physique. Not everyone looks good with the same pose. Your poses need to look good on you.


    The practices are in a private dance studio & I book by appointment. Once appointments are scheduled & booked all Payments are final & made prior to posing sessions. Please let me know ahead If you need rescheduling!

    • Appointment Guidlines

      Once appointments are scheduled, arranged & booked all Payments are final & made prior to your first posing sessions. Please let me know ahead If you need rescheduling!