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We offer Group Posing Sessions for





Group classes are held in a private studio in midlothian Va & I book by appointments only.

Two or more people are considered a group session & I would need to know the amount of people in your group, men or women, what type of posing session needed, plus the date & time your group is looking for in order for me to coordinate & book a group session

Group Posing Sessions


2 - people

60 min class $70 per person


3 - 6 people

60 min class $60 per person 

7 - 10 people

60 min class $50 per person 

11 - Plus people

60 min class $40 per person 

These classes focus & work on

Front, Side & Back Poses

Quarter Turns

Foot position

Foot work


 Arm positioning


Posing style

Body Alignment



For ladies we can cover

Walking in heels

 Gracefulness & Style

Stage Presentation

 Basic T- Walking

Please contact us by filling out our contact form or email us at

if you have any questions?

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