8 Week Competition Preparation
  • 8 Week Competition Preparation

    Whats included in your Prep

    • NCFF Mobile App ( For daily logging )
    • Daily Communucation on NCFF App
    • Phone or Online Calls every 2 weeks (by appointment)
    • Macro based Diet
    • Workout Routine  
    • Monitored Peak Week 
    • 5 (60 Min) 1:1 Posing Sessions (by appointment)  
    • 3 Free  (30 Min) 1:1 Online Skype Posing Sessions (by appointment  
    • A Standard Stage Walk Routine for Men's Physique or T-walk for Women's Figure or Bikini
    • One full dress up Rehearsal with suit / hair / make-up & jewelery for men & women etc.. (the last week before your show)

    A (60 Min) Posing Routine for Bodybuilding or Womens Physique wuld be an

     Additional Choreography Fee of $75.00

    • Private training for Comp prep Clients $27 a session
    • Only 1-2 training sessions per week for Comp Prep Clients
    • NCFF Non Refund Policies

      No Refunds on Competition Preps & the total balance must be paid in full by the last week before the show & your last posing session rehearsal

    • Non Refundable Deposit Fee

      We require a non refundable deposite fee of $75 to get you started with your Comp Prep