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I never in a million years would I ever have thought to feel good about myself in a bikini, let alone get on stage to compete and show my body off to others. Nicole and Cesar helped to train, provide meal plans,  coach me for posing, picking out the bikini, literally every step of the way which is what I needed for my first show. 

They were very supportive and encouraged me throughout the entire process. When I look to do my next competition, I will definitely be using NCFF Show Bodies to get me to my goals. 


Danielle McCormack


December 2021


 I recently competed in my first bodybuilding show with the help of NCFF show bodies. This dream team was recommended to me but one of my workout partners. They did not disappoint in any aspect of prep. As an athlete I am very meticulous and want to know as much as I can about the details. They gave me lots of knowledge. Were there to answer all my questions, and guide though every aspect of this experience.  


     Nichole did an amazing job with talking me off the ledge multiple times and keeping me as relaxed as possible during my 14 week prep. She is a talented coach helping  me bring style and beauty to stage. She helped me design the competition suite down to every detail. She was able to keep me within  budget and made the process easy. 



      Cesar is educated in how the body works with nutrition and fat loss. He is a vast knowledge on physique and bodybuilding posing.  He guided me through my peak and I was able to be really proud of what I was able to bring to the stage. 


   Weather you are a first time athlete or you are in need of more then you have received from prior coaching.  This is the team for you. You will not be disappointed with the attention, time, and effort these coaches give their athletes. Good luck NCFF show bodies team. 

December 2021


I have done 3 shows with Nicole and Cesar and each experience has been so amazing! My first show I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and from the start they made it so much fun , made me comfortable and made me want to hit the stage again! I would have never thought I could have transformed or had the confidence to be on stage but they completely prepared me and held my hand throughout the whole experience step by step with laughs along the way! Nicole showed me how to display confidence, how to walk in heels, and made learning the poses easy! A new me came out on stage! Not only did they make sure I was physically prepared but even mentally and emotionally. I actually can’t wait to do another show with Nicole, Cesar and there team just from the fun they bring to being on stage! 

Tasha  Beasley

December 2021


Nicole and Cesar are definitely the power couple! 


 Their tag team approach made it an even more engaging training experience as they complimented each other's coaching style and definitely brought what I needed.  It has been such an amazing and humbling experience to have Nicole as my posing coach.  By the end of my training, their techniques and expertise made it feel like I had been posing for years.  Thank you,

NCFF Showbodies for helping me earn my PRO card on my first show!




Trenika Satterwhite

September 2021

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