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Tonia Hill

December 03, 2018

Bikini Comperiror

Cesar and Nicole are a power couple in fitness with complimentary coaching styles and are passionate about their clients achieving their goals.  They demonstrate knowledge and experience in the sport while supporting individual needs with modifications around injuries, actively listening, showing patience, giving constructive feedback and encouragement to enjoy the journey. Connecting with NCFF was the most rewarding experience to level up my fitness. They have the total package!  An App to monitor progress; flexible meal planning; team workouts that are very structured for conditioning but fun confidence boosters; and posing with Nicole who is also a dancer, adding a unique style with grace and personality. I was more than prepared for my first Bikini competition and stepped on stage with confidence.  I’m grateful to both of you for the amazing coaching, motivation and believing in me.

Natasha Beasley

December 03, 2018

Female Physique Competitor

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing time getting me prepared for my very first physique show. I had such an amazing time training and getting prepared by you guys. You held my hand throughout the whole process and had me totally prepared physically and mentally when it was time to get the stage. I was so proud of how you guys transformed my body. Not only was it fun but it was so rewarding. I can't wait to die another show with guys in the future. Thanks so much for everything!

Andre Gaston

November 28, 2018

Bodybuilder & WPA Pro Physique Competitor

Claire Magenheimer

November 28, 2018

Bikini & Figure Competitor

 I was so fortunate to have found Nicole and Caesar while attending bodybuilding shows as a meal prep vendor and I was so impressed with their physiques and their clients presentation onstage.  I took over 2 years to get myself mentally and physically ready to compete but when I was finally ready to start my prep, I knew I wanted to hire them as my coaches.  I did a 12 week prep for my first bikini competition and although I had competed in figure prior to that, I was ready to try a completely different approach.  What I loved most about them was that they listened to me and took into consideration my personal goals, my concerns, my style of training and eating, and my challenges.  Their no nonsense, straightforward approach was very effective but they were always flexible when it came to overcoming my obstacles.  One of my biggest challenges was finding the motivation to get all my workouts in and knowing which workouts would be best for me.  Although the training was hard, I pushed myself every single day and never gave up!  I was so proud of the progress I made over those 12 weeks that when I hit the stage on show day my huge smile definitely reflected this!  I have to say Nicole and Caesar are two of the most wonderful and inspiring coaches I have ever known.  They are good people and I was grateful to be a part of their team.  I truly enjoyed training and doing posing practice with my entire NCFF team, plus the positive energy and support I received at the competition was amazing!  My entire experience working with the NCFF Team was the best and I would recommend them to anyone interested in competing.

Andrew Taylor

November 28, 2018

Bodybuilder & Physique Competitor

I was always a fit person, but never really had an urge to showcase my body on stage. 

Nicole and Cesar not only motivated me get on stage, they helped to take my body to an on stage level. When you train with Nicole and Cesar they make you feel like you’re in a family environment (comfortable) and walk you through all the details. That includes nutrition, workouts, form, posing, and stage presence! I was so confident in their skills that I recommended them to two other people and they treated them just the same! You won’t go wrong with NCFF! 

Corinne Larus

December 23, 2018

PNBA Figure & Physique Pro

  My experience, albeit a bit cliché, was life changing.  While running one day in 2010, I was physically injured  by a very careless motorist.  I suffered a cerebellar stroke which robbed me further of my physically active lifestyle and irreparably damaged my hearing and coordination.   Gaining weight and seriously impacting my options for improving my physical appearance and emotional well being were just some of the insults endured.   Knowing this about me; enter Nicole and Cesar Carrasco.  Their enthusiasm, encouragement and professionalism enabled me to reinvent “me.”  A transformation took place and a permanent appreciation of what the body “can do” emerged.  Competition in figure and physique classes have earned me pro status in both.   Age is just a number and with Nicole and Cesar they show you at every turn that you will succeed.  All I can say is an eternal thank you for help in “completing me.”   Corinne L.

Callen Larus

August 12, 2018

Male Bodybuilder

 I have known Cesar and Nicole Carasco for close to five years now, from 315 pounds to a lean 240.  I first met the Carascos through my mother who has competed under their lead as well.  Through NCFF Show Bodies, the Carascos provided the direction in concentrated workouts and nutrition which I continue to perfect to this day.  I have competed in three shows as a natural bodybuilder with them coaching me every time; I would not have it any other way.  Formerly a Division I-AA offensive lineman with extensive knowledge regarding what they offer, I still learned and continue to learn a great deal from both.  Both are personable, passionate, and driven in coaching people who genuinely put forth the effort.  If you want the end goal, then they will provide you the knowledge to do so.  I highly recommend Cesar and Nicole to anyone trying to reach their peak potential in mind and body.  


--Callen Larus

Sara Melbey

August 12, 2018

NPC Bikini Competitor

Nicole Carrasco is the most excellent posing coach I have ever had the pleasure to receive help from with getting ready for my first bikini competition. She is so knowledgeable and intuitive about all of the most important parts of posing for all divisions within each organization's specific requirements. What she taught me that was so extraordinary is, that as a bodybuilder I want to have "an arsenal" of several different front, back, side/transitional poses, so as to stand out and always show the judges that not only do I have this one great pose, but also all of these other great ones, and I know how to move gracefully from one pose to the next. Nicole is so gifted at what she does and goes into every minor detail of helping you--from exactly what is the best kind of shoe for you, to how to position your hands and fingers most aesthetically for any pose. What was so special about working with her is that she was sensitive to my strengths and weaknesses, paid special attention to and was able to see exactly what I need to work on, and wished to only build me up starting as a novice into a well-rounded, confident competitor. 

Renea Hudson

February 02, 2018

Pro Figure & Physique Competitor

I was preparing for a show and really wanted to have a great routine.While brainstorming with my nutritionist, she mentioned Nicole. I knew Nicole but, it had been a while since we had spoken. I contacted her and we started training, best decision i made. She is an amazing person and an amazing competitor. I have always admired Nicole Carrasco on stage, she moves effortlessly and with such grace on stage. I learned so much from Nicole as a person and a competitor, shes empowering and inspiring, and knows how to get you to own your body and control your moves all while displaying your physique beautifully. Nicole is definitely an unmatched choreographer, she will not disappoint.

January 26, 2018

Pro Figure Competitor

I messaged Nicole via Facebook, and we discussed her experience as a professional figure competitor. I was introduced to Nicole in the Spring of 2017.  I had just relocated to Washington DC, from Kansas City, Missouri.  I needed to identify a new posing coach right away; as I was preparing for my IPE Pro Debut in the summer.  I was referred to Nicole by the Legendary Pro bodybuilder Philip Ricardo, Jr. He told me that Nicole was one of the best in the area.  


itor, coach, and dancer.  She told me her posing studio was over two hours away from me.  I was thinking; uhm I don’t want to travel that far (lol).  However, I felt she and I “clicked” right away; and decided to go for it.  


I learned a new approach to posing.  She gave me the freedom to express myself, try new things, and get me out of my comfort zone.  It was a very collaborative experience.  She broke down everything she taught me; making it easy to understand each technique.  The choreography was unique and beautiful.  I liked the fact she did not have a “cookie-cutter” approach when she worked with me.  Every concept was tailored to fit my physique and personality. She made herself available outside of the posing studio for my questions—and when I needed encouragement.  


The hard work and two-hour drive was worth it.  I earned first place at my IPE Pro debut! Nicole made my transition to a new city less stressful.  I look forward to working with Nicole next season.


Thank you Nicole!!

Cynthia L. Watson, IPE and NGA Natural Pro Figure Competitor

Kelly Killen

July 12, 2017

City, State

I hired Nicole Carrasco after reaching out to her and expressing how much I have loved watching her stage walk routines over the years. We have competed together both as amateurs and professionals for years!

I requested that she put together a 60-70 second choreographed routine in a video for me and coaching me in a long distance format in order for me to practice it and then provide her multiple videos for feedback. She was very gracious with initiating numerous contacts in order to see how I was doing with the choreography and she was very willing to review as much video as possible to provide me with constructive criticism and feedback I needed. I met with her once in Richmond because of the distance that we had. She's also willing to Skype. After our face to face meeting, I felt so good about my final presentation and creating something that worked for me. She really took what I was comfortable with, and what worked for me, and we created something great. She so easy to work with and she's really good at her craft with all of her dance experience.

If you have not googled some of her YouTube T-walks,  I encourage you to do so because she is like butter on the stage. She is so gracious and I could watch her choreography over and over. If you want something unique, and you don't want to think about it, I would encourage anyone to reach out to Nicole for your T-walk choreography. She can work long distance. It was worth every penny.


Kelly Killen 

KK Wellness Consulting 

OCB/WNBA/ Pro Figure


Heather Eckman

August 18, 2017


I met Cesar and Nicole at a WPA Posing Clinic in April of 2017. I had been working on becoming a figure competitor for about a year and half and was into a 15-week prep for an NCP show in July. I went to the clinic to get assistance with my posing, and found so much more.  I had successfully lost approximately 70 lbs before meeting them, but had really no idea what I was doing to prep myself for a competition, and had hit a plateau . Once meeting them they helped me with my diet, posing, and complete competition prep. They helped me pick a show that was a better fit for my first time on stage, and assisted with everything along the way. Nicole, was amazing at helping me pick my suit, jewelry and getting my tan right!  The others on the team along with Cesar and Nicole, were great with providing me with mental, emotional, and physical support along the way and pushed me to give it my best. Even when I doubted myself they all believed in me. I feel that I was more than prepared to step on stage the first time that it took the nerves out of it, and was more than comfortable up there. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with NCFF Show Bodies, and I am excited for what the future holds in my journey as a Fitness Competitor!

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